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Our company's constant growth (100+customers in 10 countries), established the need for a more flexible, reliable and easy to use system to enable our contacts & customers to get the answers they are looking for.  Odoo's Helpdesk - Forum - eLearning apps are the best tools to make it happen. 

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Methodoos On-Line Help


Create Tickets via Multiple Channels



Customers can create a ticket via an online form. Our website form can be customized according to our customers' preferences.



You can interact with Methodoos via Phone or Chat and ask us to open a ticket on your behalf. It will be instantly visible in your portal page.


All our customers can easily create tickets via email. Incoming emails to, create a ticket and depending on the email aliases they are assigned to the corresponding Methodoos team.

On the fly...

We will keep our eyes open and if we notice that a customer has mentioned an issue on an external channel such as a forum, Twitter, or Facebook, we will manually create a ticket and get started right away.

Follow up your Tickets On-Line

1. Click Sign-in on Methodoos Homepage

2. Login using your Portal User credentials

3. Select "Submit your Ticket" using either of the 2 choices

4. Fill in Ticket Form and press Submit

5. View Ticket info from the corresponding list

6. Select ticket to view detailed information. Comment on / Close it using corresponding choices on screen


We are adding as many Odoo Courses as possible so our customers can enrich their knowledge easily, at no cost!

Follow up your views with progress bars and select any of the Courses Categories or view Odoo's short Tour Videos
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Platform Basics


Methodoos forum will allow our customers to ask questions and find answers quickly, without wasting time on the phone.

All Helpdesk tickets are potential Forum Posts. 

Q & A

Publish any question on the platform and it will become visible so anyone can answer. 

The best answers get flagged and appear closer to the the top to optimize the search.

Knowledge Base

Questions  we frequently receive will be posted on our forum, giving the ability to our customers to find easily the answers they are looking for.

Our aim is to build a knowledge database that will be an extra learning tool for our customers to rely on

Customer Interaction

We encourage the collaboration of our customers to generate insightful discussions.

This way everyone will benefit from each other's experience and become an Odoo expert.

Welcome to Odoo v.16
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