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Basic Smart

Email Support*

Methodoos On-line Support*

Training Videos - Knowledge Base


Telephone - Skype - Chat

24hr X 5days     24hr X 7days     24hr X 7days    
Remote Connection

Software Updates


Optional 4 hr Training Pack
(Yearly, Remote or On-Site)

10 hr Training Pack
(Yearly, Remote or On-Site)

* We will start handling your support issues (through email or our on-line platform) within 2 business days


Use Odoo Forum and Methodoos Forum and gain experience from certain issues and answers, other users have posted.

Remote Connection

If needed, we can connect through all known remote support clients (Teamviewer, Anydesk, Ammyy) and help you on your issue.

Email Support

Contact us by email on, describing your issue and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Software Updates

Every once a year we provide to all entitled customers a new planned update of their installed apps. 

Methodoos On-line Support

This is our recommended channel as it is the most efficient.  You can create tickets, follow them up and add comment when needed.  This way you avoid calls and remain always informed.  For this we provide all our customers with login credentials to our website. 

Training Videos - Knowledge Base

One of the most important service we provide is Odoo's and Methodoos's training videos and knowledge base.  This way all our customers have immediate access to almost every information they may require. 

Telephone Call

Depending on your support pack, we can support over the phonean through instant messaging.  You will find us on Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Hangouts and Skype  .

6hr or 24hr Training

Every year there is new functionality and new features added to our software solutions.  For this and also for refreshing customer's know-how regarding our apps, we include additional training in our premium support packs.

All services can also be bought separately,  so you can adjust them to your exact needs.