Setup in minutes. Sell in Seconds. Compatible with any device

Modules - Functionality


Easily create invoices based on the quotes you have sent to your clients.  Forward professional looking invoices directly to your clients in just a click.  Automatically send them by email as a PDF attachment or print and send them by mail.

Point Of Sale

Odoo POS is based on a smart interface that any retail company can use without difficulty. Because it's extremely flexible, you can configure Odoo POS to meet your precise needs. 

Additional Features

Odoo POS is a web-based application and can be deployed on any device and OS running Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.  Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS are all supported operating systems.

Membership & Loyalty Cards

Reward your loyal customers.  Grand them with membership procedures, points, gifts and discounts with Odoo loyalty programs. The whole process is fast and can be entirely automated. Identifying your customers is even faster with loyalty cards and customer barcode ids.

Product Categories & Variants

Organize your products with hierarchical product categories. Order them by popularity and display different categories in different point of sales.

Sell different sizes, colors, or configurations of the same product with product variants.

POS Online or Offline

Set up new stores quickly and easily with just an internet connection. Then use your Point of Sale everywhere, anytime.  While an internet connection is required to start the Point of Sale, it will stay operational even after complete disconnection.

Get Paid Online

Send your invoices by email and add a link to Authorize, Paypal, Ingenico, Buckaroo or Adyen to get paid quickly, easily and securely. Eliminate the hassle of sending reminders for late or outstanding payments.

Multi-Company Rules

Automatically mirror orders and invoices in multi-company setup.

Analyze your Sales

Get direct access to key information with dynamic and customizable dashboards. Make your own definition and analyze your invoicing by product, customer, salesperson, etc.

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