Custom Development

Expand functionality to meet your exact needs with our agile development team


Project Management

We follow agile principles in our software project management which means you are fully engaged and involved in the process end to end.  Υou can get early access to working functionalities and we are able to make incremental iterations as we go through the process, collect feedback and deal with changing circumstances.

We do this to ensure that timings and budget stay on track while keeping up with your increasing needs.



We work together with you to define your user stories that will inform our project plan. All specifications are constantly reviewed by you and our business and technical analysts to ensure they meet your needs and they take into account any findings that have come up during the process.

You can access the project plan online whenever you want to check on status and progress.


Software Development

This is where all the planning and specifications are transformed to the product you require.  Our agile approach enables us to start developing software very early on and make incremental iterations as we go along and learn from the process. All our development is done using Python, XML and JavaScript.


Testing is integrated throughout the process to address issues as they arise. During the first steps of our software development journey, testing is managed by our testing team, however towards the final stages you will get access to beta versions of the apps so you can test yourself and provide feedback

Custom Apps for every possible need

We develop custom apps that can refer to reporting, existing functionality or even create a totally new feature, just for you.