We guarantee the success of the project , making sure it will be on-time and on-budget 


GAP Analysis

Although GAP Analysis usually takes place before the customer commits to the project, it is actually part of the implementation phase. The duration of this service differs, depending on customer's size and needs. We will meet with you, any key users  and other stakeholders to understand the current situation, define objectives and mitigate risks.

Together we will define:

  • Budget

  • Timings

  • Must-have and nice-to-have functionality

  • Training approach

  • Go live date and duration of support

The duration of this service differs, depending on the company’s size and customer needs. Once everything is agreed, a project lead will take over and make sure everything goes as planned.


Once the project has kicked off, the next steps are:

  • Installation and Configuration of the purchased apps.   During this phase, Odoo platform is installed and configured.   All key users get trained and the final setup of the apps is validated. 

  • Potential Data Import.  If needed, existing data sets such as customer list, product list etc are imported in the new database using excel files. 

  • Ad-hoc special development.   Following feedback from key users, we will evaluate any additional needs that were not considered in the scope definition and make the necessary adjustments
  • Final Validation of the Installation and End Users Training.   Once all the requirements have been completed, we finalize this phase and proceed to end-users training. 


All users receive training to ensure end-to-end knowledge of the applications so they are ready for the Go-Live date. Depending on the size of the company, whether it’s a 24hr business or not and the number of users, we can adjust the training process to the customer’s needs. Users will attend courses that are relevant to their role and accountabilities.

Our training offering includes Q&As, exercises and tests so the users can check their progress and feel confident about the knowledge they have acquired.  

Go Live

Going Live is the final phase of our implementation.  Having installed purchased apps and trained all users, we proceed to operations. We prefer to go live during a period where our customers are not facing a high season in their business, to avoid the combination of high pressure and possible day by day challenges.  Nevertheless, this in is not obligatory, provided that we take all necessary steps/precautions.  Depending on the size of the company and customer needs, go live can take from just a few hours, to several days.  

Remote Implementation, Training and Go Live

The whole installation procedure can be held remotely, using remote connection tools, webinars and our special e-learning platform