Management Tools

Organize your every day job and create / customize dashboards, reports, even mobile apps 

Modules - Functionality


A simple drag-and-drop view to help you easily group tasks at the right stage.  Easily check your team's planning and reschedule to keep within your deadlines.  Keep track of the progress of your projects with a clear overview.  Control your workload and the status of individual tasks.


Keep your projects under control and manage employee time from the Odoo backend.  Get an overview of your billable time. Track all the resources allocated to your project and see your profits and losses. Automatically generate one-time or recurring invoices based on expenses and timesheet entries.

Field Service

When you are onsite, what matters is that you deliver excellent services. Your tools need to be intuitive and as mobile as you are.  Manage everything easily on the move, from a single app, everywhere.  Track your working time directly from the task’s menu with the integrated timer, and invoice it automatically.


Organize your tickets the way you want with the amazing kanban view.  Get an instant overview of your team's workload and check the status of a ticket based on your custom tailored SLA rules.  Qualify your customers queries with a customizable website form.


Add business logic to your application, automate tasks with no development.  Build great reports
with our awesome report builder. More than just forms, customize graphs, kanban, pivot tables, gantt charts, matrix, etc. Design beautiful and full featured apps
in minutes, not weeks.


With Documents, everything is where you need it, instantly available. Keep track of all your files and never lose one, all of them are organized and stored in the same place, safe and secure.  Save time recording bills, scanning contracts, approving documents and become a paperless company.

Additional Features

Odoo Planning helps you manage your employees, schedule or forecast your projects and focus on coordination. Create shifts, assign and reassign them with a single drag-and-drop click.


Create several customized dashboards containing graphs, grids, reports, specific menus, charts and any other possible information you may need.


Handle employees lunch, with specific menu and orders.  Define menus from Monday to Sunday and clarify whether they are produced internally or from any other possible vendor.  

Support Contracts

Sell support contracts to automatically provide helpdesk services to your customer. Track time on each contract with the timesheet app, and upsell automatically with time-limited contracts. Create alerts for your sales or helpdesk team based on your customer status.


Select the person who needs to approve each request, even if it’s not the manager. Travel, office supplies, payment, all requests submissions can be created, validated, or refused in seconds from your approval dashboard.  Easily create the approvals types that fit your needs with an intuitive configurator.

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