Digital Marketing

A must have tool for all businesses who want to be competitive and easily reachable by their customers


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of optimising on-line data so they are easily reachable through search engines. Odoo offers this functionality in its website builder app while allows us to align your website content to keywords and phrases consumers type in search engines

Content Marketing

This is the most important kind of digital marketing, since it will be used by all other types of marketing.  Content can be anything written, starting from a newsletter, a blog spot, a forum but also videos or webinars.  All these can be used in email marketing, social media etc. and help you grow your business.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM has actually to do with Google search engine, but also Bing has similar services.  by creating a Google Business account for your business we enable you to take advantage of services like Pay Per Click Ads, where certain ads of your business are posted in Google search, based on keywords and phrases the consumer used

Email Marketing

Although this is one of the oldest digital marketing tools, email remains one of the most important ones. Definitely, it is the most popular one among internet users.  The idea is to sent email to a targeted group of people promoting your business or engaging with them through unique content of any kind.  Odoo email marketing is the app that best fits this type of digital marketing. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is essential, especially for small businesses.  This is the place where you reach billions of people and show a more human side of your brand.  Not all social media are doing the same thing.  Facebook is more B2C, Instagram is the one for you, if visual contact is important, Linked Inn is more B2B etc.  There are even vertical market specific places like TripAdvisor, where you can promote your hospitality business and get prospect customers.  Odoo Social Media Mgt is a tool you can use to unify posts and synchronize this process easily.      

Mobile Phone Marketing

Almost everyone is using a smartphone nowadays.  Therefore, mobile phone marketing is also essential.  Especially if your target group is the younger generation.  This type of marketing can be done either by SMS (Odoo SMS Marketing is the perfect tool for that), but also by creating apps for Android or IOS smartphones.  These apps can perform specific actions and increase visibility. Eg. send notifications every time there is new content available on your website or any other social media page.  

Our Digital Marketing Services are unique since they are supported by the functionality of our software solutions