Human Resources

Help your employees go to the top with an All-In-One HR Tool 

Modules - Functionality


Post job offers on your website and follow the application process within the Kanban view.  Manage a pipeline of candidates for your open positions and get organized with smart activities management. Create a repository with all your applicants’ resumes, well organized and instantly accessible.

Link job offers from different employment websites to your module and keep an eye on all your offers.


Maintain the motivational process in your company by doing periodical evaluations of your employees' performance. Regularly assess your human resources to bring benefits for your people as well as for your organization, whether it’s a small business or a large corporation.
Manage several types of evaluations: bottom-up, top-down, self-evaluations, and final evaluation by the manager.


Keep track of your employees’ presence at work. HR managers can easily report employees' monthly presence with the menu entry and state. Keep track of the employee hours worked and sort by project, client, or tasks. Easily access statistics to record and analyze timesheets as well as check each employee's attendance. Integrated accounting automatically posts reports based on time spent in projects providing real-time data.


Managing your employees' daily expenses has never been easier. Whether it's travel expenses, office supplies, or any other employee expenditure, access all receipts and expense submissions from your Expenses dashboard and create, validate, or refuse them in just a click. No need to download a specialized software to maintain expense records - everything can be done directly through the app!  Employees can easily attach copies of their receipts directly to an expense record to avoid losing them. Add attachments on the go with any mobile device by taking a picture of the receipt and sending to a designated email address.

Time Off

Keep track of the vacation days taken by each employee. Employees enter their requests and managers approve and validate them, all in just a few clicks. The agenda of each employee is updated accordingly.  Managers get a view of their whole team leaves in one complete view, to keep the team well-organized and to easily forecast the distribution of tasks during the absence of their members.  Allow employees to record their requests for vacation themselves, and get notified by email for every new request. Decide to either approve them or to refuse them, and add a note to your refusal to give an explanation to your employees.

Fleet Management

 Manage everything through our user-friendly administrative system - fuel log entries, costs and many other features necessary for the management of your company's vehicles.  Supervise all contracts for your vehicles and receive a warning email when contracts reach their expiration date. Several visual tools are put in place to ensure that you'll remember to renew (or end) your contract. Organize the services around the vehicles and communicate with the qualified service providers; manage invoices and notes. Set up a vehicle policy within your company, as well as an insurance policy in order to manage your fleet in the most efficient way.

Additional Features

Use On-Line HR functionality  with several ERP & Hospitality Apps and make your employees feel at home.


Gather all information concerning each employee at one place.  Keep track of your employees’ status, job titles, contract type and dates, and their schedule.  Oversee all important information for each department at a glance. Restrict visibility of sensitive information to just HR managers, or make other information public for all employees to see such as employee directory. Receive alerts for any new leave requests, allocation requests, applications, appraisals, and more. 


Boost your recruitment with a fun referral program. Share open job positions and refer your friends with an intuitive tool. Discover everything you need to know about each opened position by using the job board.  Find the perfect one for your friends and share it with them by email or through your social networks.  See how many points you've earned for each referral and easily follow your friends progress in the recruitment process.

Skills Management

Manage skills, knowledge and resumé of your employees. Categorize and apply different skill levels on every category/subcategory etc.  


Design challenges, goals and rewards with clear targets and objectives to drive engagement and reward your employees’ performance

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