Welcome to our Pricing / Order Page

  • All Yearly Enterprise Prices include a 20% Discount on corresponding Monthly Rates.

  • Methodoos Hospitality products functionality is the same in Community and Enterprise editions.

  • All Odoo Community products are Free of Charge. (Hosting, hardware and services not included)

  • Please find Odoo Community & Enterprise editions comparison here.

  • Be aware that you cannot combine products from different Odoo editions.  You can only choose from one category.  Eg. only community yearly products or only enterprise monthly or only enterprise yearly!

  • SaaS Product orders do not include any other type of service.  Please add services from the corresponding categories.

  • There is no actual payment when ordering.  You just choose your preferred payment method.  You will be contacted by one of our sales experts (by email or phone) to review and finalize order, at which point your payment will be processed.

  • Prices do not include taxes, which will be added accordingly at checkout.