Odoo - Piraeus Bank ePOS Paycenter Integration

We are happy to announce the release of a new Methodoos app that integrates  Odoo with Piraeus Bank ePOS Paycenter.

The ePOS Paycenter platform for e-commerce transactions fulfils the needs of any business, regardless of its size and area of activity. The platform supports from a few hundred to millions of transactions in order to serve your clients with speed and ease. This way you can offer your clients the best possible service and flexibility because:

They can buy from and pay at your Odoo e-shop 24/7, 365 days a year.


They can use a debit, credit or prepaid Visa card, MasterCard and Maestro card of any Greek or foreign bank, as well as Diners, Discover and American Express cards, if you wish so.


They have the option to pay in installments (available for Greek credit cards only), while Piraeus Bank also provides the option to prepay those purchases.

Transaction Monitoring and Security

All payments taking place through the ePOS Paycenter platform will be credited to your business bank account. You shall be informed in real time for the sales order from Odoobot superuser and for the financial transactions through the web management tool Piraeus Bank provides you with

User Experience

The client completes a purchase at your Odoo's e-shop.
When starting the payment process, the customer will automatically be transferred to the special payment page of the Piraeus Bank Paycenter platform. Then, the client is informed regarding payment amount and enters his card details.
The payment processing is performed with maximum security by ePOS Paycenter platform, which automatically informs you that the transaction was fulfilled.
The client is informed of the transaction completion from your Odoo e-shop.
Upon the transaction completion, the client returns to Odoο website / e-shop.


  • Your business does not keep any details of the card used for payment. This greatly facilitates your certification process according to the PCI DSS standards.
  • An easy and quick way to integrate online payments to your Odoo web site.
Methodoos is now an Odoo Silver Partner - v14 Certified