Odoo - Alpha Bank eCommerce Integration

We are happy to announce the release of a new Methodoos app that integrates  Odoo with Alpha Bank's eCommerce Services.

With the Alpha e-Commerce service, the modern e-commerce service by Alpha Bank, you offer your customers the maximum flexibility in terms of the payment services they can chose from.

The Customer using your Odoo website/eshop, chooses to pay by card and is then automatically redirected to the Alpha e-Commerce secure payment page, on which he/ she finds all the data of the transaction and then enters the card details.
Once the Bank has processed the payment, the Customer is automatically redirected back to Odoo e-shop website on which he/ she is informed about the result of the transaction.  If the transaction has been successfully completed, the Bank sends a relevant confirmation e-mail to Odoo.

Basic Features

Support of all means of payment available (card, IRIS)

Customisable  payment page hosted in the Bank’s servers.

Fully PCI-DSS certified platform.

Multi-language payment page support based on the language chosen by the Customer.

Step-by-step technical implementation based on guidelines provided in the technical integration guides.

Powerful BackOffice tool enabling users to easily monitor and process transactions.

Odoo - Eurobank e-Commerce Integration